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23/04/2012 Public law, Telco / internet

Competition law needs an overhaul

31/01/2012 ICT

Is your development contract broken?

10/10/2011 ICT

Corporates and three strikes copyright law

01/10/2011 ICT

Getting IT Partnerships Right

13/05/2011 Public law, Telco / internet

How corporates can squeeze better mobile termination rates

01/05/2011 ICT

Cloud computing contracts often have poor terms: survey results

01/05/2011 Telco / internet

Mobile termination: wins for corporates

01/05/2011 ICT

Manage to advantage

01/09/2010 Public law, Telco / internet

Telecom vs ComCom '0867' decision a boon to monopolies

01/09/2010 Public law, Telco / internet

A good start by CFH but more thinking needed

16/08/2010 Public law, Telco / internet

How long before mobile regulation kicks in?

01/07/2010 Public law, Telco / internet

Net Neutrality: UK, France and US developments in May/June 2010

01/07/2010 Public law

Public Sector, "Buy NZ" and Free Trade Agreements

01/07/2010 Public law

New report on Australian PPPs: lessons for NZ

01/07/2010 Public law

PPPs: Handling conflicts of interest

16/06/2010 Public law, ICT

Cloud Computing: the reality; government procurement; and regulation/anti-trust: Address at Communicasia Singapore

16/06/2010 ICT

Cloud Computing for Public Sector Lawyers

16/06/2010 Public law, ICT

Cloud Computing: Regulatory/anti-trust risks and solutions

16/06/2010 Public law, ICT

Public Sector Procurement and Cloud Computing

01/06/2010 Public law, Telco / internet, Media

Getting the Deal Through - Telecoms and Media 2010

01/06/2010 Public law

Legislation Reform Facilitates and Coerces Health Sector Changes

01/06/2010 Public law

Health Procurement: major changes

01/06/2010 Public law

EC accepts NGA virtual unbundling but requires regulated pricing

23/05/2010 Public law

PPPs: One-to-One Discussions with bidders

01/05/2010 Public law, Telco / internet

Crown Fibre could face wrath of jilted bidders

01/05/2010 Public law, Telco / internet

Time to take Crown fibre back to the market

01/05/2010 Public law, Telco / internet

Australia National Broadband Network: the McKinsey/KPMG report

01/05/2010 ICT

Less than convenient termination

01/05/2010 ICT, Complex disputes

Outcomes-based contracts: Will suppliers step out of their comfort zones?

01/05/2010 ICT

Can a perpetual licence come to an end?

01/05/2010 Public law, Telco / internet

PPPs and Fibre Broadband Networks

01/05/2010 Public law, Telco / internet

Some interesting procurement issues for PPPs and other complex public procurement - the UFB initiative

01/05/2010 Public law

Public Procurement: Gagging bidder's litigation and adverse commercial activity

01/05/2010 Public law

Getting the Deal Through - Public Procurement: An overview of regulation in 46 jurisdictions worldwide

01/04/2010 Telco / internet

Getting mileage from the XT outages

01/04/2010 Public law, Telco / internet

What's needed for the MED EOI for NZ Rural Broadband Funding?

01/03/2010 ICT

Security in the Cloud

01/12/2009 ICT

UK Utility Billing Mess a Salutary Reminder for ICT projects

01/12/2009 ICT

Le Mans Enters the Racy World of Indemnities

01/11/2009 Public law

Margin Squeeze and Competition Law

01/11/2009 Complex disputes

eBay and Skype - International contractual choice of neutral countries for dispute resolution

01/11/2009 ICT

Cloud Computing - Privacy and Security Legal Issues

01/11/2009 Public law, Telco / internet

Functional and Structural Telco Separation: European and Australasian Developments

01/11/2009 Media

IPTV, Film and Media: a new option for Dispute Resolution

01/11/2009 Public law

Public Records Act – What to Put in Contracts with Suppliers to the Public Sector

01/10/2009 Public law, Telco / internet

New Net Neutrality: The Plot Thickens Internationally

01/10/2009 ICT

Implementing ERP

01/10/2009 Public law, Telco / internet

Mobile Services and Net Neutrality

01/09/2009 ICT

ERP Projects

01/09/2009 Public law, Telco / internet

Competition Law and Telecoms: 2009 Developments in the EU, the US and Australasia

01/09/2009 Media

Future Proofing IPTV Content Agreements: The Darling Buds of May

01/09/2009 Public law

Supreme Court Guidance on Commerce Commission Information Requests

01/08/2009 ICT

The Case against Cloud Computing … Revisited

01/07/2009 ICT

No Schedule is an Island

01/05/2009 Public law, Telco / internet, Media

Getting the Deal Through - Telecoms and Media: An overview of regulation in 52 jurisdictions worldwide (Global Competition Review)

01/04/2009 ICT

Recovering Losses from Wayward Vendors

01/02/2009 ICT

New Deals for Tough Times

01/01/2009 Public law

School bus tender: insights for procurement by NZ central/local Government, SOEs, etc

01/12/2008 ICT

Service Provider Security

01/11/2008 Public law

Public Records Act and Electronic Issues

01/10/2008 Public law, Telco / internet

Net Neutrality and Online Content

01/10/2008 ICT

Critical Need to Protect Software IP

01/09/2008 ICT

Panel Contracts’ Benefits for ICT

01/08/2008 Public law

Panel Contracts in the Public Sector

01/08/2008 Telco / internet

ISP copyright law will bite

01/07/2008 ICT

Relationship Enhancing Contracts

01/05/2008 Public law, Telco / internet

0867 Dials-up Competition Law Changes?

01/05/2008 Public law, Telco / internet

8 Years to Judgment is Too Long

01/04/2008 ICT, Telco / internet

IT Contracts: Telecommunication and Internet Issues

01/04/2008 ICT

Virtually Exposed

01/02/2008 ICT

New IP Guidelines

01/02/2008 ICT

Does the Board Carry the Can for ICT?

01/12/2007 ICT

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Scores a Website/Blog Defamation Goal

01/12/2007 ICT

Ensure Software Ownership and Licence Detail is Agreed in Writing

01/11/2007 ICT

Corporate and Public Sector Governance: Who Carries the Can for ICT, Electronic Information and IP?

01/11/2007 Media

IP Rights Trump Competition Law: TV Transmission Spat Highlights Issues for Businesses

01/10/2007 Public law

School Buses Clarify Public Sector Procurement and Judicial Review

01/10/2007 ICT

Capping Liability

01/10/2007 Public law

Public Sector Panel Contracts - Freedom to Pick and Choose from the Panel?

01/10/2007 Public law

Electricity: Commerce Commission Notches up a Supreme Court Win

01/09/2007 Public law, Telco / internet

Commerce Commission issues new guidelines for broadband suppliers

01/09/2007 ICT, Public law, Telco / internet, Media

September 2007 Update: Convergence of Telecommunications, Broadcasting and the Internet: A Regulatory Perspective

01/09/2007 Media

Rugby World Cup : TV3 versus Sky – one-nil or a draw?

01/09/2007 Public law, Telco / internet

Demystifying What’s Happening in New Zealand’s Telecommunications Regulation

01/08/2007 ICT

Service-Level Blunders

01/07/2007 Public law

Mandatory Rules for Procurement – One Year On

01/06/2007 ICT, Public law, Telco / internet, Media

Convergence of Telecommunications, Broadcasting and the Internet: A Regulatory Perspective

01/06/2007 ICT, Public law

Laws to Beat Spamming

01/06/2007 Public law, Media

Convergence and the Media: Regulatory Review at Last

01/06/2007 Public law, Telco / internet

Update: Demystifying What's Happening in Telecommunications Regulation

01/06/2007 ICT

No, ma’am, this ain’t spam

01/06/2007 ICT

Fine-print Finesse: "Our ERP solution is the best thing since sliced bread..."

01/05/2007 ICT

Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act

01/04/2007 ICT, Complex disputes

On-line Employee Privacy versus Employer Protection

01/03/2007 ICT

Court of Appeal Changes Law on Restraint of Trade

01/03/2007 ICT

The Price of Predictability

16/02/2007 ICT

Navigating through SLA landmines

01/02/2007 Telco / internet

Broadband Wireless Spectrum: an impressive solution

01/02/2007 Telco / internet

Telstra must supply unbundled access to ISPs for dirt cheap $3.20 a month

01/01/2007 Public law

Retail Minus Pricing Panned by CAT

01/01/2007 Public law

Margin/Price Squeeze - A Landmark UK Judgment

01/01/2007 Public law, Telco / internet

Problems for NZ's UBS Pricing Apparent from New UK Judgment

01/12/2006 Telco/ internet, Media

New Copyright Legislation Focused on Digital Issues

01/12/2006 Public law

Two Early Christmas Presents for the Commerce Commission Chair

01/12/2006 ICT

Outcomes Focused SLAs

01/12/2006 ICT

Viagra and the Corporate Lawyer

01/12/2006 ICT

We Don't Spam, Do We?

01/12/2006 Complex disputes

Beware the Winner's Curse

16/10/2006 Complex disputes

Email Disclaimers: Fictional Wizardry?

01/09/2006 ICT

Privacy Implications for Information Technology

01/09/2006 Public law

Is a Standalone Industry Regulator the only way? Australia has a great example from the energy sector

01/09/2006 ICT

Capping Liability the Australian Way

01/09/2006 Telco / internet

Next Generation Networks - another reason why Telecom must have robust operational separation

01/08/2006 ICT

Who Owns Content on the Web? Singer, Billy Bragg, Drives a Big Change at Rupert Murdoch's

01/08/2006 ICT

Seeking Information from ISPs and Internet Content Providers about People to Sue: How Google Handled It

01/08/2006 Media

Movies Online - A world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival

01/08/2006 Telco / internet, Media

Music, Movie and Software Providers Convert Arch-Nemesis Internet Piracy Channels into Great New Channels to Market

01/07/2006 ICT

What to do when an IT Contract hits your desk - 20 key questions

01/07/2006 ICT

Intellectual Property in IT Contracts

16/06/2006 Public law, Telco / internet

Breakup: What Telecom Could Look Like

01/06/2006 Complex disputes

Confidential Information Breaches Now Easier to Prove

01/06/2006 Public law

Government Procurement's Biggest Shake-Up in Years

01/06/2006 Public law, Telco / internet

Two Years for Mobile Market Change

01/05/2006 Public law, Telco / internet

Broadband Regulation - What's the Reality?

01/05/2006 ICT

Anti-Spam Legislation and ISPs - An Update

01/05/2006 ICT

Anti-Spam Legislation FAQs

01/05/2006 Public law

$189 Fares to Sydney*

01/05/2006 ICT

Electronic Health Records - 2006 Legal Update

01/04/2006 Public law, Telco / internet

Legal Hurdles to Telecommunications Change

01/03/2006 Public law

Government Purchasing Processes Set for the Biggest Change in Years

01/11/2005 Complex disputes

On-line Porn and Other Workplace Vices

01/11/2005 Public law

Public Sector Purchasing and the Ombudsman: A New Decision

01/07/2005 Complex disputes

A Wider Role for In-House Lawyers

01/06/2005 Media

Supreme Court Reverses Lord of the Rings Employment Decision

01/06/2005 Public law

Consultation Obligations and Public Sector Agencies

01/05/2005 Public law, Telco / internet

Commerce Commission's April 2005 UBS Draft Telecommunications Act Determination: An Overview

01/05/2005 Complex disputes

Police On-line Porn Blitz: Implications for Other Organisations

01/04/2005 ICT

Prosecutions for Supply or Use of Unlicensed Software & Other Intellectual Property: A New Case

01/04/2005 Public law, Telco / internet

Telecommunications Regulation: An introduction to the latest in the Internet/Data Space, and what can ISPs and others do about it?

01/04/2005 Public law

Tenders, RFPs and Competitive Purchasing: Traps for Unwary Buyers & Sellers

01/04/2005 Complex disputes

Contractual Indemnities: Public & Private Sector Implications

01/04/2005 ICT

Legal Developments in IT Security - 10th Annual IT Security Summit

18/02/2005 Complex disputes

Queen's Counsel Battles Air New Zealand: Can a Supplier Unilaterally Change Contract Terms?

18/02/2005 ICT

Confidential Information Breaches Can be Difficult to Prove

01/02/2005 ICT, Telco / internet

Are Subcontractors liable to the Head Contractor's Ultimate Customer? A Rolls-Royce Answer

01/02/2005 Complex disputes

Limitation of liability and related issues: Impact on suppliers & purchasers

01/12/2004 Media

Lord of the Rings Clarifies the Independent Contractor-Employee Divide

01/11/2004 ICT

Service Level Agreements - Are they worth the paper they are written on?

01/11/2004 Telco / internet

Computer users face Foot & Mouth risk: Cyber-crooks

01/11/2004 Complex disputes

Non-litigators working with and controlling Litigators

01/11/2004 Telco / internet

Telecommunication Service Level Agreements - Are they worth the paper they are written on?

15/10/2004 Complex disputes

Project Managers & Lawyers: A beautiful relationship?

01/09/2004 ICT

International Web Risk: Gutnick comes to New Zealand

01/09/2004 ICT

Tying up loose ends, and dispute resolution, in ICT contracts: Quicker, simpler, and better solutions?

28/06/2004 ICT

Electronic Health Records

01/06/2004 ICT

What to do when IT contracts are going wrong (and what to do to reduce risk)

01/05/2004 ICT

Corporate Governance and IT

01/05/2004 Media

Mike Hosking & Naomi Campbell develop privacy & confidentiality law

01/04/2004 ICT

Ensuring your Legal and IT Security - 9th Annual IT Security Summit

01/03/2004 Public law

Digital Record Keeping: Legal Aspects

01/02/2004 ICT

Computer Security and the Law

01/11/2003 ICT

Electronic Transactions Act 2002: An opportunity to streamline public sector processes

01/10/2003 ICT

Documents & Records Management - Electronic Transactions Act 2002

01/08/2003 ICT

Legal Compliance and IT Security - 8th Annual IT Security Summit

01/05/2003 ICT

SCO v IBM: The Linux Spat

01/04/2003 ICT, Telco / internet

Can ISPs read customer's emails?

01/04/2003 ICT

Software Escrow Agreements: A business continuity strategy

01/03/2003 ICT

Online Transactions & Security Risk: A brief overview

11/02/2003 Complex disputes

Getting closer & building positive relationships: Working together in Commerce & Technology

01/02/2003 Complex disputes

Heresy: Consideration not needed in contracts

01/10/2002 Telco / internet

$4.6M Claim against Clear for Internet Service Failure: What can suppliers learn

01/10/2002 ICT

Confidentiality and Restraint of Trade: Practical Issues

01/10/2002 ICT

Detail Matters: Don't leave fine print to lawyers

01/07/2002 ICT

Email Contracts and Email Risks

01/07/2002 ICT

Exporting Technology: Reducing legal and dollar risk

01/06/2002 ICT

Effective Transactions On-Line - Liability for On-line Statements

01/04/2002 ICT

Open Source Software

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