strategic influence


Navigating multifaceted issues to influence best outcomes

Commercial success is often determined by how effectively businesses deal with changes in government policy, competition, and other market trends. Taking a strategic, multi-disciplinary response to such threats can not only avoid costly fallout, but also embrace the opportunities created by change.

Our expertise can help you address complex situations, influence key decision-makers, and shape the political and commercial environment in which you operate.

Over the years, we’ve provided clients with strategic vision and advice to turn bet-the-bank issues in their favour. Whether you are overcoming legislative and regulatory obstacles, confronting technology convergence, or salvaging critical relationships, we know how to drive best outcomes by operating at the intersection of business, government, PR, and advocacy.

We look for lateral solutions, approach issues from all angles, and have experience bringing together and working alongside the right people for the job, including in-house counsel, economists, comms experts, and government authorities. We know what it takes to successfully shape the legislative process, to execute multifaceted campaign strategies, and to turn around high-risk situations.


“We see opportunities amidst complexity.”

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